Teaching and Learning Web 2.0 Tools

WOW!   Web 2.0 tools are amazing and easy to learn and use.   Most tools have some form of pedagogical usability to enhance the learning of all students in different learning settings.   Web 2.0 tools bring a level of differentiation  to a classroom,  I believe, in which teachers have  not been able to meet effectively with multiple learning styles and  leaning abilities of students.   The strengths of Web 2.0 tools range from easy to use, easy to learn, a differentiation platform with certain tools being able to interface/connect with other Web 2.0 tools.  These tools lend to dynamic, instead of static learning or should I say, they lend themselves to interactive, collaborative, and extended learning opportunities for users.   Moreover,  Web 2.0 tools create the ability for students to be continuous learners; extending learning beyond the classroom and provides students with a global perspective.    For example, my daughter has never been one to watch news, but her Twitter feed is full of news feeds from CNN to Entertainment news.   Therefore, Web 2.0 tools help to keep her relevant, learning in real time, and in control of her own learning.

The only pitfalls I see to using Web 2.0 tools is privacy and the risk of typing or placing something in the cyber world that will travel across the world.  I also believe that continuous use to these tools will promote social skills deficits, because people are not having to have face-to-face communication.


Kindest Regards,

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