Remaining Technology Relevant

My implementation of Web 2.0 tools over the past 6 weeks has helped me to realize that I was a technology hermit and to remain an effective and relevant educator, I need to keep  up-to-date and abreast of new technology.   Students love say the word “relevant” – I hear it in always and in my on home by my teenager.   So in order to remain relevant,  I decided to take steps to enhance m own professional development.  

My professional development goals will contain, not only, trainings or conferences that will keep me abreast  of legal and educational practices, but technology and how it enhances the educational achievement for students and teachers.  Technology has been the factor that has transformed how I use my phone (smart phone), how I get music (digital music), and now how we teach (my district is moving to a digital platform for instruction, next year).   My district has developed webinars for the educational staff to learn or remain “relevant” as it relates to technology.  From  webinars to techno tips sent in the form of email blasts are provided to district personnel weekly, all in the name of keeping up with technology. Now, instead of bypassing those educational opportunities to  learn new Web 2.0 tools, my focus will be to attend and participate in as many as I can.  

This week, I demonstrated the use of Edmodo and Google Drive (no that I know a great deal) to 6 people.  These were people who I thought had more technology know how than I did.  It is not as though they had no knowledge, they just had different knowledge of other Web 2.0 tools.   So in sharing of knowledge, attending tech trainings, using the  tools I have learned, and understanding the use of technology does enhance the learning environment for all students, even those with disabilities.   Lastly, I will write into my appraisal, a continuous improvement goal to increase my learning and implementation of technology to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers.    




Kindest Regards,

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