Social Bookmarking

Who knew?  Most certainly not me!   Social Bookmarking is a term I had not heard of and even the term tagging had a different connotation for me.   This week using Diigo Web Collector, I am learning the practice of bookmarking, tagging, annotating, and/or reading others’ collections of web documents.   Normally, if I wanted to locate/search for something on the web, I would always begin with a simple Google search.  Then,  I would have to painstakingly reading or select which search item to read. If I found something interesting, I would take notes or copy the information into a word document to retrieve for later.   Searching in this manner  was time-consuming and I didn’t know how to save all of the documents read.   

Utilizing Diigo, I am able to search for information based on tag or collected web documents that others have read or collected.  Diigo allows its users to save, read later, share with a group, highlight, comment, and create a list of bookmarked web information.  Diigo’s users are able to create a network or a group to share or read shared/collected information.  Users are able to search topics by tags which streamlines searches to the specific topic.   I am enjoying bookmarking information and reading bookmarked and tagged information by others.    


Kindest Regards,

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