Aggregating pages

Aggregating pages

This week I explored Protopage, a Web 2.0 tool that allows the user to connect to other sites/pages.  This is similar to a web development site that includes different Web 2.0 tools through widgets.  Protopage has been called, by  some internet users, a virtual desktop or a RSS reader.   Protopage was launched in London in 2005 and by some internet sources has outlived the competitor iGoogle.

Protopage allows its users to customize their page by utilizing color settings and widgets.   Through widgets, users can organize and select the information which is frequently accessed.   My Protopage eliminates accessing each email, news site, and daily accessed sites separately, because they are all in one place.  I asked  other educators if and how they use Protopage.   Unfortunately, my colleagues were not familiar with Protopage.   However, an AP History teacher informed me that he would create a Protopage to streamline  research and information sites he would like for his students to use in completing DBQ’s (document based questions),and short answer essays.

I still have to continue to learn how to customize and create more tabs on my Protopage, as well as, learn how to access and locate RSS feeds from some sites.


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