Twitter Adventure Part II

As an educator, Twitter provides the following educational opportunities for students:

  • Vast sources of information for brainstorming projects
  • Differentiation of informational sources
  • Connection to a global perspective of a learning concept
  • Increases a student’s ability to participate in class discussions
  • Allows students to remain engaged in learning beyond the classroom
  • Provides real time relevance to concepts being presented in class
  • Gives teachers a method to formatively assess student’s understanding of a learning concept
  • Provides a tool to help students’ increase their knowledge level to engage in critical thinking
  • Allows students to use a tool that can interface or sync with other technology tools

Twitter, at first sight and use, did not seem extremely useful in a classroom, but upon engaging in the world of Twitter, educational opportunities to enhance learning of students are possible via Twitter.


Kindest Regards,

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