Twitter Adventure


My Twitter Adventure really began about a year ago as my children moves to Twitter.   I created an account but never used it what so ever, my go to social media remained Facebook.   When you are dealing with your children, I listened to their comments such as why did you post that, or why did you put that on your timeline?   So I really thought I was too old to use social media in the correct way.   Neither of my children wanted to be connected with me on Facebook and  Twitter so we settle for Facebook.   However, I noticed how in conferences, during news shows, or on my favorite sites on the web all had a connection or a notification to Twitter.

This year, I decided to learn more about the use of Twitter, therefore this class would assist me in learning more.   This week as I explored Twitter, I learned how to search my “#” hashtags and learned how to know what was trending on Twitter by hashtags.  This week I learned that Twitter is a form of micro-blogging (I have never blogged) and is a social messaging forum.  Micro-blogging with by using only 140 characters (I think) makes it easy to read and receive blast of information without reading lengthy messages.

Through Twitter I am able to remain abreast of up to the minute news.   I have followed many news sources and the brief information that may lead to an Instagram or news article is quick, easy, and manageable with TweetDeck or HootSuite.  Twitter can be humorous, this week HomeDepot placed an ad on Twitter of two African American men and monkey playing the drums and it stated something to the effect of which does not belong.   Now please understand the essence of the tweet was racist but the tweets that followed were hilarious.  All of the tweets poked fun back at HomeDepot and all HomeDepot come do was continuously  convey their sorrow for the tweet.    For me, Twitter is information, information, information, from weather, sports, politics, movie reviews, or in the field of education is powerful.

Social and Professional Networking can be done by utilizing Twitter to connect people and create communities.  As with any tool there was technical language  that I had to learn from RT, TweetUps, TT, FF (#FollowFridays to gather followers), IRL (in real life), to having someone famous follow you back has been a learning experience.  I have never used #-hashtags so much in my life.    The Mention function is used to see if anyone replied to any of my tweets (frankly I don’t care), however, I learned from students that it is so cool to have lots of mentions and having people follow you on Twitter due to some your tweet.

Mostly Twitter robs you of time, because I find myself seemingly in an addictive manner accessing Twitter to see what is going on in the world or using it as a cover when I really don’t want to bothered by some people.


Kindest Regards,

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