Monthly Archives: October 2013

Digital Footprint

In examining my digital footprint, I was surprised at the information I found.  There were 8 Google pages with my name, but most were sites that charged a fee to give my address and phone number.   I found one true picture of myself and several of my children. However, I was very surprised to see that my last three addresses were listed even though one was not in this state.  The information I found was my LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, Facebook accounts and a site that gave an appraisal of my existing home.  There was even a newspaper article from Edmond, Oklahoma dated 1/24/2001 of an interview I gave to a news reporter as I researched for a public school for my son.  The web holds more information about me than I realized.  There is even a site that contained public information concerning my divorce (which was over ten years ago).

I won Secondary Teacher of the Year for district and there was information on the internet about that and my current salary.  The information that I was most surprised by was my children’s information and how my name was linked to their information.  My son is a Cadet at West Point and a starting running back…WOW, the information! His information from Youtube to news articles, and hundreds of pictures was vast.  My daughter, a Lady GaGa lover, was also listed with various pictures of her and her cats and thousands of tweets.   My digital footprint revealed that nothing is private which is very scary to me.   This ushers in a sense of caution in the sense that what you may think is private or a harmless statement can linger in the cyber world for years.

The funniest thing I found was site with a mugshot, I don’t have a mugshot, but I was curious.  Thankfully, it was not a mugshot of me, but that of another person with the same first and last name, but different middle name.   I’m even afraid to publish this post in fear that it will surface somewhere on the web.